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Prestige, blah blah blah, Don't do it!!

2011-07-26 15:31:44 by yoshimito99

Uggggggggggggggaggggggh, Call of Duty games my be fun, but when you unlock everything and have all the attachments, that's pretty badazz, but then there's the prestige option, which takes all your gun progress away, you loose youre level, but you get the chance of higher respect( which is a bunch of bullshit tacos covered in monkey and human feces, while being pissed on by a lemur ) so yeah, just don't do it unless you absolutely think you need a little tiny extra bit of respect from a complete stranger, or unless you have time on youre hands , and need something to do, just don't do it,...... its pretty much what i said earlier with the tacos, the monkeys, and the humans, and such ^_^ lol my blurbin' is ova'!!!


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